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McGruff the Crime Dog


Dickenson County Sheriff's Office welcomed McGruff the Crime Dog to the Department and utilizes him around the county to bring awareness to crime prevention.

Some Facts About McGruff

  • There are 4,000 active McGruffs (number of costumes in use).

  • McGruff has a classy Corvette, a monster truck in Arizona, and a wiener wagon in Florida. But most of all, he likes to ride in patrol cars assisting law enforcement.

  • McGruff’s favorite crime-fighting techniques are to teach children specific tips to be safe at home and school and to help law enforcement officers do their jobs better.

  • McGruff is a “ham,” so he loves doing public service announcements for television and radio or posing for print or billboard advertising.


Schedule A Visit From McGruff

Over the years McGruff has made his way across the country to spread crime prevention messages. In the past few years, he’s marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, thrown out the first pitch at baseball games, shaken hands with senators on the steps of the Capitol building, and rung the NASDAQ closing bell.

But McGruff doesn’t just do bigtime events – he makes local appearances too. If you’d like to schedule a visit from McGruff for your next event, call your local law enforcement agency and ask where the closest McGruff is. Nationwide law enforcement agencies have more than 4,000 McGruff costumes that they use to bring McGruff to their communities. Some popular occasions for a McGruff visit are

  • School assemblies

  • Health and safety fairs

  • Crime Prevention Month and Halloween events

  • Community events related to public safety


To schedule a visit with McGruff for a neighborhood event, please contact us below!!


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